Ragged Island: Real Estate Properties Listings For Sale


Ragged Island is a small island 23 km² and district in the southern Bahamas. Ragged Island is part of the Jumentos Cays and Ragged Island Chain. The crescent-shaped chain measures over 180 km in length and includes cays known as Raccoon Cay, Hog Cay and Double-Breasted Cay.

The people of Ragged Island are best known for their prowess as boat builders and captains, the island’s descendants are also influential national figures in athletics, politics, business, and the arts. The salty smell of the ocean is amplified by a salt pond that stretches the length of the only settlement, Duncan Town – so small that it doesn't take much time to walk its entire circumference. Residents still harvest salt from their family plots. Fishing is the main attraction: bonefish are abundant in the turquoise shallows on the western coast; big game fish are plentiful in the deep ocean passage along the east side.

Real Estate properties listing for sale in Ragged Island, The Bahamas: