Bahamas Prince Cay, Abaco


: 1 (242) 427-0555
: AS12501
: Active
: Private Island
: 9 Acres

Prince Cay Private island Abaco, Bahamas

About Prince Cay

Situated roughly 160 miles due east of Palm Beach, Florida and home to beautiful white sandy beaches to the east, Prince Cay is a Caribbean dream.

At roughly 225’ x 1,750’ inside, the island extends southeast by northwest, offering a good elevation which lends itself perfectly for some well-considered construction and property development.

Surrounded by boundless horizons of aquamarine waters and pristine coral reefs, the island forms part of one of the world’s best sailing regions.

Located a mere two miles to the west of Spanish Cay, a vast array of amenities are on hand to allow for a private island lifestyle which is secluded, yet not remote.

Capable of handling large turbo prop airplanes and small jets alike, the 5,000 sq. ft. airstrip and customs port on Spanish Cay allows for travel seven days a week.

Alternatively, Treasure Cay International Airport is approximately 15 miles away.